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Risk and investing are inextricably linked. By diversifying across asset classes, sectors and regions, we try to control risk. This is why we deliberately compose a portfolio with investment funds and exchange traded funds (ETF), which results in a mix of actively and passively managed funds. For every fund we select a specific asset class we make a trade-off between active and passive management that is based on risk, realized returns and expected returns. Besides investment funds and ETFs, diversification benefits can also be gained from including alternative investments in your portfolio. To realize a more stable return pattern with a selection of traditional securities (shares, bonds, real estate, liquidities), alternative strategies can be useful.

Finsens was established in 1993. Throughout the years we have built up a varied network in which a wide range of specialisms are represented. Through our network, we are informed regularly of investment opportunities that we can offer to our clients, such as participations, corporate bonds, and sustainable investments.

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